7 Gorgeous Indoor Hanging Houseplants

Plants are an easy way to enhance the look of any room, and luckily, they are all the rage right now. We’ve previously featured some of the best plants for small spaces and some that are near impossible to kill, but today we are discussing hanging plants that not only spruce up a room, but help improve air quality and are a great space-saving option. What’s more, so many of the most beautiful hanging plants are also really easy to maintain and are pretty low maintenance. However, before opting for any hanging plant, we sure to do some research on how much light it needs and if you have an area of your house where this would work; how often it needs to be watered; and if it needs humidity to grow and thrive. Here are eight of the most gorgeous hanging plant options out there:

Boston Fern

Devil’s Ivy

English Ivy

Peperomia Hope

Spider Plant

String of Pearls

String of Hearts

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