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Hello!  I am the Designated Broker for the company, a multi-state broker-licensee, and I sincerely have enjoyed mentoring & training agents and serving clients since 1985. 

Trust. Transparency. Accountability. Agents and clients continually say they connect with me because I am transparent and trustworthy – it gives them great comfort while choosing not only the best and most experienced broker and company for their needs, but in knowing their needs are always first. As we work together, accountability is ever present – I go above and beyond to make things happen. I definitely list and sell real estate, so I don’t get dusty and become out of touch with the evolving market and life of a transaction, but I DON’T compete with my agents and enjoy passing company leads to them regularly.

I cannot imagine any other career and I am very blessed that my passion has been so successful. I live in Pine. I office in Payson. On weekends we enjoy taking the RZR out into the forest, working on home improvements and we both love to cook.

Helping You Every Step of The Way

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